Couples Enrichment Weekend

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 Passionate Marriage®
Couples Enrichment Weekend

 Denver: July 22-24, 2011
Seattle: October 14-16, 2011 

For details of 2011 scheduled CEWs, click here for Denver Colorado or Seattle Washington

couple photoHow do sex and intimacy really unfold in marriage? The natural ebb of sex, desire, and intimacy can encourage divorce or help you and your marriage grow -- if you know how to use it. Popular but misguided beliefs about intimacy, sexual issues, and emotionally committed relationships send normal couples in the wrong direction for solutions. If you're interested in resolving marital issues and achieving sexual intimacy, Passionate Marriage® Couples Enrichment Weekends can help alot!

A Passionate Marriage® Couples Enrichment Weekend is a research-validated psycho-educational experience held over several days that addresses common-but-difficult problems in emotionally committed relationships. Open to married and unmarried couples of all sexual orientations. Participants say they enjoy being with other couples who are serious about improving their marriage and have taken time from their busy schedules to make their experience of intimacy and connection a top priority.

Follow-up research conducted by a major university has shown CEW participants become better differentiated--better able to “hold onto themselves” while dealing with their partners. Partners also become more intimate and have less relationship conflict. Sex becomes more relaxed, playful, and fun. They have more sexual desire, and function closer to their sexual potential.

What to Expect
couple photoPassionate Marriage® Couples Enrichment Weekends offer stimulating presentations and explicit discussions of adult sexuality help you understand the true nature of intimacy and sexuality in emotionally committed relationships. Many people tell us our program makes more sense about love, sex, intimacy, and marriage than anything they've ever heard--and disagrees with most things they've been taught to believe! Content covers developing your "relationship with yourself" while achieving sexual intimacy, and enhancing sexual desire, mutuality, and spirituality with your partner. Experiential activities each day help you apply these new ideas immediately with your partner.

Passionate Marriage® Couples Enrichment Weekends focus on you as a couple and as individuals. This is not an encounter group. You won't be asked to disclose personal information or "work on your marriage" in front of other participants. In fact, you don't have to say a word publicly. However, participants say hearing other couples voluntarily discuss similar marital, sexual and intimacy issues in their own marriage helps them stop feeling bad about themselves. Nudity and public sexual behavior are neither required nor permitted. You can learn important things about sex and intimacy, and achieving your sexual potential with your clothes on and your feet on the floor.

couple photoPassionate Marriage® Couples Enrichment Weekends are conducted in major metropolitan cities, allowing you to spend a romantic weekend in our conference hotel, or commute daily from home if you live nearby. We suggest you avoid other commitments during these evenings to pursue what you’ve started during the days with us. Workshop hotels are specifically chosen for an ambiance that enhances intimacy and in-depth reflection.

Time spent at a Passionate Marriage® Couples Enrichment Weekend can increase your intimacy, connection, and marital fulfillment for a lifetime. Applying new understandings of yourself, your partner, and your relationship can powerfully improve your marriage. We've been impressed by the immediate impact Couples Enrichment Weekends have on attendees by stimulating greater intimacy, better sex, personal growth , and renewed marriage commitment. But even radically new ideas and insights can't resolve all marital and sexual issues in a weekend-- you do that after the Weekend by applying what you've learned.

Different than our Couples Retreats
Our nine day Couples Retreats are designed to let couples work through difficulties while in residence with us. The Retreat is not currently offered. Couples desiring individual attention or more time to explore their issues should consider our fly-in Intensive Therapy Program.

For details of 2011 scheduled CEWs, click here for Denver Colorado or Seattle Washington


Passionate Marriage®
Couples Enrichment Weekends