Who Comes For Help?

Who Comes for Intensive Therapy?

Evergreen autumnA wide range of people come from across the country and around the world for our Crucible® Intensive Therapy Program.

Lots of people read Passionate Marriage or Resurrecting Sex and like our ideas. They resonate with our approach and want therapy from the originators.

Others are recommended to us by therapists, clergymen, professors, and friends

For some, this is their first attempt at therapy:

  • They want to know they’re working with seasoned professionals.
  • Some have never wanted to be in therapy, or doubt its value.

Others are already familiar with our approach:

  • Some are in therapy in their local community and come to us to work on specific issues in their relationship or family.
  • Some are therapists seeking treatment for themselves.
  • Some attended our Passionate Marriage® Couple's Enrichment Weekend and wanted to grow further.

Gay CoupleWe see people from all walks of life. Our clients cover a wide range of ages, religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. They come to us with diverse problems. We see couples who might be:

  • struggling with the aftermath of an extramarital affair
  • finding retirement brings previously-avoided issues to the surface
  • coping with chronic illness

The commonality amongst our clients is what they are looking for. They:

  • Are tired of “wounded child” or “whine & complain” approaches.
  • Want a therapist who isn’t intimidated by trappings of power.
  • Want a therapist who can confront them when they need to be confronted.
  • Want an adult, straight-talking, “get to the point” approach.
  • Want treatment focused on solutions, rather than endlessly focusing on feelings or rehashing the past.

Not everyone who selects our Intensive Therapy Program comes from a distant location. Colorado residents seeking therapy locally find this a time-effective option that fits their lifestyle.

For more details on our Intensive Therapy Program, request additional information or call our office at 303 670-2630.